Investment Projects

Development of own transport infrastructure in order to develop the railway grain transportation competence up to 3 million tons

The Investment Program of the United Grain Company JSC provides for the creation of the transport grain company that renders railway operator services.

Own grain car fleet of UGC JSC will serve for the South and East Grain Corridors.

The concept is to purchase 1,500 innovative grain cars and create a railway operator with the car fleet of 3,000 cars in the form of the joint venture, with the transportation volume of up to 3 million tons of agricultural products annually. The competence of the railway operator will also include conduct of industry-specific expertise and execution of long-term contracts with customers.

Innovative hopper cars are distinguished by their improved characteristics:

  • Extended body capacity of 120 cub.m, increased axle load of up to 25 tf to ensure cargo transportation using the car full load-carrying capacity of 76 tons
  • The car structure is ideally suited for transportation of all kinds of grain and grinding products and adapted to the transshipment terminal requirements
  • Installation of innovative Barber bogies in the car enables to cut the operation costs of the rolling stock throughout the entire service period thanks to extended repair intervals

Implementation of the Investment Project will help reach the goals as follows:

  • Effect direct supplies with the greatest efficiency
  • Control logistics prime cost and ensure cargo flows through the infrastructure facilities
  • Establish a through fare for a service package “grain silo - railway transport - port transshipment” to offer synergistic effects to customers