Board of Directors

An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of JSC "UGC" was held on February 1, 2019. It elected the new Board of Directors:

Dmitry G. Sergeev - Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation;

Vladimir A. Gusakov - Managing Director for Government Relations of the Moscow Exchange;

Sergey V. Korolev - Temporarily Acting General Manager of JSC "UGC"

Elena V. Sakhnova - Head of Mechanical Engineering, transport, materials, analytical department, senior analyst of JSC "VTB Capital"

Vitaly Yu. Sergeychuk - Deputy Head of the Client Relations Department in Market Regions - Senior Vice President of JSC "VTB Bank"

Maxim S. Stepanov - Advisor to the General Director of JSC "VTB Capital"

Evgeny V. Trusov - Deputy Head of the Investment Infrastructure Department of JSC "VTB Capital"